Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Lello-Lea Hypothesis

The Ice-Wall of Antarctica
A report from the Society:

The standard flat-Earth model (SFEM) postulates an ice-wall beyond Antarctica. SFEM supersedes waterfall theories of other flat Earth models and replaces the controversial spherical-earth conjecture's (SEC) notion of Antarctica as an island continent.

The Lello Hypothesis states: "the universe is a series of flat earths stacked within a vast crystalline cylinder folded back on itself to form a never ending torus. I.e., a cosmic, hollow, ice-donut." The Lea Modification, sometimes known as the Lello-Lea Hypothesis, states that: "interspersed with crystalline water (H2O), exists an abundance of naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particulates forming 'deserts' - similar to observable regions on Earth."

It should be noted that these hypotheses are not to be confused with the weaker and frankly implausible set of ideas that A. Hayes has expounded in which a series of flat earths are distributed across the inner surface of a torus of indeterminate extent. Hayes is also known for the infinite cylinder hypothesis (ICH). ICH is perhaps even more unlikely than his inside-out donut.

The Society for the Lello-Lea Toroid Flat Earths Hypothesis is searching for intelligent life on other flat earths. First contact will provide the empirical evidence, and hence proof, of the Lello-Lea Hypothesis. Meanwhile, scientists are formulating a mathematical proof for the minimum quantity of flat earths that must exist.

Chalmers' recent work (unpublished, in correspondence with the author) has yielded a breakthrough on the topic, establishing deep relationships with elliptic curve theory and the calculus of manifolds, while raising the lower bound on the number of flat earths that must exist to -4. We are assured that more revelatory findings are to follow.

It is not expected that the combined forces of the Society and scientists will be able to provide the actual number of flat earths in our toroidal universe. However, we believe that within the next ten years, we will be able to prove that:
  1. We do indeed live in a multi-earth, toroidal universe (i.e., SEC is fallacy.)
  2. There are at least 3 flat earths.
A. Hayes, and others, have proposed expeditions to the Ice-Wall to conduct experimental drilling. A small party would also test a radical SFEM speculation of going "beyond the Ice-Wall." Funding and applications for strategic and/or technical approaches is being sought.

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