Friday, August 10, 2012

Computer Othello, Part 5: Resources

This post lists the best info I could find on how to write a computer version of Othello.

Rules for Othello/Reversi
Details on bitboards, hashes, deep-first searches and transposition tables. Contains source code (generally in C or C++)
A description of what is required to implement a better than average computer player.
A paper that describes the best Othello computer players from the 80s and 90s (IAGO, BILL and LOGISTELLO)

Strategy (human and computer)

A break-down of the tasks involved in creating an Othello game. Has info on implementing the rules and how the minimax search works.
Computer science student's paper.
A description of someone's attempts to write-up Othello depth-first searches (alpha-beta, negascout, MTD(f), Multi-ProbCut, etc.)

Computer player
A list of the standard Othello openings.
Description of various evaluation strategies.
The Thor database was the only archive of Othello games that I could find on the net.


If you want to see what I did with this information, there is my source code for Othello. It's fairly well written, the UI looks okay and is easy to use and the computer player plays well. I implemented most things you'd do in a world-class computer player. However, you'd have to make it a lot more efficient, if you wanted to take on those players.

It was interesting, frustrating and fun to try to write a decent Othello game. I learnt a huge amount too.

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