Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flat Earth vs Climate Change

The following is an exchange between me and someone I'll call Matt. He has some interesting ideas about climate change... After his response, I didn't think I could take the discussion anywhere else. He's clearly a downer and therefore not amenable to reason.

Well constructed and very much in line with what I think on the topic, particularly the part about The vested interests and the role of the big ball of burning gas above our heads in global warming.

Gee I’m glad I get to give an extra 500 per year to the government though.


Matt, I think this debate is distracting you from a much more significant dispute. The real controversy is between those that believe in the Ice Wall and the downers – those believing in the Waterfall. They both have photographic evidence:

Ice Wall:


But whose testimonial can we believe? Personally, I think a British Naval Officer’s account is very convincing:
It would be impossible to conceive a more solid-looking mass of ice; not the smallest appearance of any rent or fissure could we discover throughout its whole extent, and the intensely bright sky beyond it but too plainly indicated the great distance to which it reached southward.
This debate is not simply an Antarctic concern, it has global ramifications that also impacts on the “theory” of global warming. If warmists are correct, the implications of an ice wall is extremely concerning. I think downers are drawn towards their “theory” more because of alarmist fear-mongering than they are by empirical evidence.

It’s even possible that their photo could have been faked!


Hi Partick,

Agreed, global warming in all of its various extremist incarnations is distracting us all from much more significant debates and issues.

It is far more relevant deciding what to have for dinner tonight and we can all really make a difference here.

In light of my own experimentation and investigation it is just not possible for me to deny that the earth is warming. Just this morning I had to take about 2mil of ice off my car windows. This time last year, it was probably more like 3mil.

My position is more in line with that of the author of this article.

The question that seems to be supressed at every debate on the issue is:

How much is man kind contributing and how much is a natural cosmic or environmental cycle?

The very idea that man kind may not be directly responsible for global warming is considered heresy! In science! According to our politicians - the science of climate, the most chaotic system known to man, is decided, and we're all to blame.

In truth, what makes me most concerned is that people are tired of hearing about it and cannot fathom the thought that perhaps they have been misled to such a gargantuan degree the very world will never be the same.

It all just makes me so HAPppy!

This article was all about the global ramifications of warmist theories and the rampant misuse/misinterpretation of so called "empircal" data so I very much agree with you - individuals will use populist interpretations of statistics to prove whatever wacky theory pops into their heads.

84% of all people know that.

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