Monday, April 30, 2012

Windows Phone 7 apps

I've had my Windows Phone for over a month. (I went from the Lumia 710 to 800 as my 710 was faulty. The 800 is better in every way.) Here's a list of apps that I'm using.

Wordament: Boggle where you compete against everyone else playing the game at the same time. Really well implemented and completely addictive. Having that "you vs the Internet" is an excellent feature. I can play in Spanish now too. Genial. Free

NextGen Reader: Superb RSS reader. Best I've used on any device. $2.50

AU Weather Pro: Australia only, but best weather app I've used on either WP7 or iOS. I love the customisable live tiles! I have current temperature plus 2 day forecast on one side, and radar on the other side. $3

Call Credit: It tracks your call and data use. Works really well. Free

YouTube Download: Download any YouTube video so you can replay it whenever you want. $1

Skype: Finally out of beta. It works but it's a bit naff. Needs integrating with the OS. Needs to sort by online/offline. Needs to run in the background. Disappointing. Free

Nokia Drive: Occasionally gives the wrong advice, but generally very good. Free

Amazon Kindle: Works fine. Free

Facebook: A bit slow and a bit redundant (Facebook is basically already part of the OS). Free

Flickr: Works fine. I wish this was fully integrated into the Pictures app of the OS. Free

Office: Only time I've used this is when I needed to read my brother's Word document that he sent to me. It was all formatted really well, including images. Free

iStunt 2: Fun little game. Free (for trial version)

Skydrive: Like Dropbox but way more space. Free

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