Sunday, May 20, 2012

2012, the year of the computer game

There are a few good computer games that have come out over the last year, with a bunch more to come. My favourites so far are:

Legend of Grimrock

Such a tight old-school role-playing game. Every component of this game has been thought about. The puzzles, the monsters the characters, the items. There is never enough food. You're always just about to run out of health potions. Monsters are always one step away from killing your characters. You're almost completely lost and confused by the puzzles.

The most freaky moment thus far has been when I was adjusting my character's inventory and an ogre came charging out of the murky black. That was the first time I'd seen an ogre. My party was dead ten seconds later.

There is one aspect to the game that at first seemed tedious. You have to click on a combination of icons every time you want to cast a spell. I eventually realised that this is a way of making the combat more tense. You're trying to remember the combinations and click the icons before you get smashed by something like the guy below.

Unity of Command

As gratifying as Legend of Grimrock has been, every moment of my time with Unity of Command has been better. Thus far, it appears to be a perfectly crafted strategy game. You have to look for weak points in the battle line where you break through with tanks and mechanised infantry to either charge through to an objective or surround the enemy. Supply lines have been implemented so simply but so effectively. It's devastating to see the lines cut by a lone enemy unit.

Unity of Command is like chess where you can beat the computer and feel like such a bad-arse as you do it.

Turn 3. The Russian line has been broken.
Russian units have been cut off from their supply.

Turn 4. German tanks charge through to take the scenario objectives.
German infantry deal with the remaining Russian troops that have been overrun.

I played this for the first time a moment ago. Wow. It's something pretty special. I'll write up my feelings about the game in the next post. In short, it's a terrifying game. I have no idea if I like it just yet, but I'll definitely play it more.

DayZ at night. The house is lite by one of my flares.

Games still to come

Two sequels to one of my favourite games are being released this year. They are Xenonauts and X-Com. They look like they're going to be very good.

2012 is shaping up to have very different games to the malaise of mediocre to dreadful games that have been around for long time now. Now all I need is Elite 4 (never going to happen) or a new X-Wing game to come out and I'll be set.

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