Monday, October 18, 2010

How To Act Like An Aldryami

I've been searching for a new role-playing game ever since D&D 4th edition came out. I never really loved 3rd edition all that much. I compared 3rd edition to 2nd edition and it was a good improvement. However, nowadays I've decided that D&D has to go. It's got stupidly complex rules, was designed for power-gaming, and is full of contradictions (resulting in arguments). It's a fun killer.

Traveller appears to be the sci-fi game out there. However, I've always liked my role-playing games to be fantasy based. I'm currently considering RuneQuest. Reading through one of the books, I came across the section below, describing how to play an elf. I really love it. I can't remember reading anything similar in a role-playing book. It's a great example of how and why role-playing games don't need to be anything like board-games or computer games.

How To Act Like An Aldryami:
  • Unfocus your eyes; look off into the distance, past the person you are talking to.
  • Talk so quietly others must strain to listen.
  • Bring a few dried leaves to the game session in a plastic bag; occasionally take them out and rustle them.
  • Speak in plant metaphors.
  • Tremble with quiet fury when the woods are threatened.
  • Have your character detour to forests. Once there, it lingers, listening to the song of Seyotel. Require sustained prompting from other Adventurers before you move or pay attention to pressing matters at hand.

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