Saturday, June 2, 2012

GitHub for Windows

I'm tired of using Skydrive as a "source code control" solution. That's no solution, just a file back-up. What about versioning and sharing code?! I've used lots of revision control systems before. Here's the list:

They've all been adequate but frustrating. The Internet is abuzz with talk of Git and GitHub. I tried setting up a GitHub account last month. After the first few steps, I looked at the long list of remaining tasks and decided it was "too much work."

To my rescue comes GitHub for Windows. Not only did it create my repository in seconds, it filtered out all the useless gunk that I don't want going into the code repository, namely binaries, ReSharper and Visual Studio profiler files. It still had some NCrunch files to ignore, but that's a minor issue. Could this be my revision control Holy Grail?

My Othello repository can be found at:

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