Tuesday, July 27, 2010


5 reasons not to buy an iPad:
  1. No rich text editing with Safari (no google docs, no blogger, etc.) Huh? Why not? Pathetic.
  2. Apple doesn't allow other music players (I want WinAmp.)
  3. Web-browsing is slow. Don't expect the speeds/convenience of a desktop/laptop
  4. No find text in web-page
  5. Can't delete default apps (who's going to use iPod, iTunes, etc.?)
5 reasons to buy an iPad:
  1. Say goodbye to RSI
  2. There are some great games that use the new UI really well (e.g. Osmos, Labyrinth 2, Train Controller 2). Even old games are great (Civ Rev, Wesnoth)
  3. Reading with GoodReader, iBooks or Kindle is very good. I think I'm transitioning away from physical books.
  4. The device syncs perfectly with your gmail, calendar and contacts.
  5. There are some excellent apps (DropBox, IM+, GoodReader, Table of Elements, Desktop Connect, AirVideo etc.)
I realise that people go on about not having Flash, no camera, no USB, no multi-tasking etc. but none of those things bother me. I'm not even sure I'll bother jailbreaking the iPad. I just don't care.

As it is, I can play games, read, surf the web, instant message, and send email all really well. That's excellent.

As a word, the iPad is "very good." It really is a totally new type of computer. Fix those issues above (all could be done in a single update) and I could do pretty much all I want on it.

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