Saturday, January 2, 2010

New decade, new blog

Decade in review:

2000: Finished uni at ANU in Canberra, BA (Pol Sci/Philosophy); S11 and other political activity
2001: Moved to Melbourne; re-started playing soccer; worked at ASRC
2002: Worked in IT support; met Sarah; broke ankle/leg
2003: Travelled NSW; started studying programming
2004: Broke-up with Sarah; started working as programmer
2005: Moved to Adelaide
2006: Travelled Latin America (Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua)
2007: Moved to Canberra; met Liz; travelled Spain and Morroco (with Vanessa and Sarah)
2008: Travelled India (with Liz); moved to Melbourne; started working in science; re-started soccer, rock climbing, hiking
2009: Started paragliding; moved-in with Liz

Three of four of my grand-parents died this decade. My sister and various friends had babies. Wars started (and didn't stop). Climate change dramatically affected people (who aren't valued).

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